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July 19, 2018

Here’s the latest edition of the outsourcing A-Z series, we pick up with M to Q. M is for Multilingual Solutions DDC Multilingual Solutions are our experts in multi-language business process outsourcing. With the ability to operate in over 30 languages the MLS team based in Bosnia have been building a lasting impression across the group and our client base for high quality and efficient work.  See our team first hand in this insightful video recorded in our office in Bosnia. N is

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June 08, 2018

As we work our way through our outsourcing A-Z series, this week we pick up with H to L…  H is for a Hybrid Solution The DDC Group has access to 12 locations around the world, this enables us to offer our clients onshore, nearshore and offshore services. Our experience has often shown us that bringing them all together in a hybrid solution is often the most cost effective and operationally efficient way to achieve the given objectives.  Check out our blog “Onshore, off

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May 03, 2018

As we work our way through our outsourcing A-Z series, this week we pick up with D to G.  D for DDC Digital Solutions. Choosing what to discuss for the letter D in a company previously known as Direct Data Capture (DDC), is a challenge! Whilst Data Capture is still core to our business and we continue to invest in technology to support our Digital Mailroom and Digitisation solutions, our business continues to diversify.  Recently, that led to the introduction of a new member of the

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April 06, 2018

We cover outsourcing from A-Z! This week we discuss A-C…   A for Analytics DDC Analytic Solutions is the newest member of The DDC Group after previously working in partnership with the group for a number of years. Their discovery suite offers a range of analytic tools that have been providing business critical intelligence for a range of clients in various sectors. This year their RiskView tool has been a massive success in preparing companies for GDPR by identifying their non-c

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March 20, 2018

After looking at the impact the GDPR would have on our daily productivity, in part two, we turn our attention to how it might help encourage a culture shift in companies handling data.  The GDPR will affect employees at the majority of levels within an organisation handling personal identifiable data (PID), educating people in the correct way is of vital importance to the continued security of this data. Past processes that were just seen as the ‘norm’ may now actuall

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March 15, 2018

The countdown to GDPR continues to tick away while companies either scramble towards compliance or drift aimlessly and carefree into non-compliance. With each passing day comes another whitepaper, another blog or expert opinion. So, here’s one more to add to the count…  Here at The DDC Group we are focused and well on our way to a smooth transition into GDPR life. This has been aided by the use of technology, drastically reducing the man hours we first anticipated. A

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